Friday, January 23, 2009

Day #2

I spent most of the morning trying to copy files onto a disk for my sisters. This decrepit old computer just won't let me do it without multitudes of problems. Anyhow, Kathy will get her's and Jackie will have to wait till I figure out whats wrong with my burner. It's time for a new puter, but the money tree won't bear fruit again till warmer weather. The temp fell to -5F last night. I am tired of winter. This is the coldest spell of winter in about 3 years. I was getting spoiled. Last year it only went subzero twice and never snowed enough to make snowshoes needed. Never shoveled the roof last year either, but it sure needs it now. I have about 3 feet up there and more on the way. It doesn't do much good to use the roof rake because it snows at such a pace my tired old ass can't keep up. I did bid on some seeds on EBAY this morning. If I win it will go a long way toward brightening my day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day #1. Here I sit!

I suppose this had to happen sooner or later. As much time as I spend online these days it only seems proper to do the Blog thing. Makes me one of the "In Crowd" I suppose. For a rapidly approaching 60 year old retired guy being "In" is certainly important. I only hope that I can figure out all of the details before getting frustrated and quitting. Till I do, please bear with me. I dont always get online everyday. I am a notoriously slow typist. I am particularly vulnerable to "Brain Farts" and go off on wild tangents. I rave unceremoniously about religion and politics and probably spend way too much time on trivial BS. That, however is what a blog is all about or at least I think so. So my friends to be and beloved family, I will leave on that note and proceed back to doing whatever it was before becoming sidetracked here to this place. Fare thee well then till next we meet.