Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day #1. Here I sit!

I suppose this had to happen sooner or later. As much time as I spend online these days it only seems proper to do the Blog thing. Makes me one of the "In Crowd" I suppose. For a rapidly approaching 60 year old retired guy being "In" is certainly important. I only hope that I can figure out all of the details before getting frustrated and quitting. Till I do, please bear with me. I dont always get online everyday. I am a notoriously slow typist. I am particularly vulnerable to "Brain Farts" and go off on wild tangents. I rave unceremoniously about religion and politics and probably spend way too much time on trivial BS. That, however is what a blog is all about or at least I think so. So my friends to be and beloved family, I will leave on that note and proceed back to doing whatever it was before becoming sidetracked here to this place. Fare thee well then till next we meet.

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